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Thank you for an insightful parent information evening for Kids are Leaders. Looking at the detailed prospectus of your programs, it gives a clear indication to parents what you will be achieving and what their children will be learning. I liked the way you set up the room with reference books, main focus points, technology and of course tea and coffee. Your mission was very clear during your presentation and you promptly addressed any questions that the parents had. I do believe that your vision is innovative and would like to wish you all the best!

Lucy – (Parent) Sydney, Australia

We had our 12 year old daughter tutored by Kids are Leaders. Over the course of a month I noticed a huge improvement in her Maths results and ability to problem solve independently. A way of simplifying and breaking down things to a level that made sense to my daughter was consistently used. A very friendly and professional service. I would have no hesitation in recommending Kids are Leaders tutoring services. My husband and I were 110% HAPPY!

Sandra – (Parent) Sydney, Australia – Parent

When selecting a tutor for our 8 year old son some of our essential criteria included: University qualified teachers, a company with tutors that had a very keen eye for detail and presented at a professional level. Our son enjoyed his friendly, caring and approachable tutor. She had empathy and understanding as she catered to his individual learning needs and style. Our son always felt safe. We appreciated her attentive company and her care. She build a great rapport with our son who in return was always well behaved, engaged, and a motivated learner who continued to achieve great academic results.

Leila – (Parent) Sydney, Australia

What a wonderful Life Coach for our 10 year old. She was always fun, friendly and reliable. This made the extra hours of life skills learning something that our daughter actually enjoyed and looked forward to each week. She had empathy, patience and good will. Our daughter learned a great deal from her.

Cindy – (Parent) Sydney, Australia

Kids are Leaders is a passionate 21st century institution through and through! Always looking for new and innovative ideas to better enrich the learning of children. The words I would use to best describe their educators are:  passionate, proactive, organised, reliable, honest, kind, caring, flexible, professional, positive mindsets, helpful, effective, approachable, resilient, strong communicators, team players, excellent people skills, emotionally intelligent, win-win thinkers, problem solvers, great role models and leaders, lovers of change and empathetic.

Susan  – (Parent) Sydney, Australia

“What a great English tutoring experience it was for my 6 year old son! I’m looking forward to more! Did you notice how as soon as he felt relaxed and settled which only took a few minutes he suddenly started to engage with the learning content and genuinely loved it? The consistent encouraging and supportive words were amazing. Loved your awareness of his attention span and quick exercises to keep you both connected. Highly recommend!”

Paola – (Parent) Sydney, Australia

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