“Hi Diane! Thank you for an insightful parent information night for Kids are Leaders. Looking at the detailed prospectus of your programs, it gives a clear indication to parents what you will be achieving and what their children will be learning. I liked the way you set up the room with reference books, main focus points, technology and of course tea and coffee. Your mission was very clear during your presentation and you promptly addressed any questions that the parents had. I do believe that your vision is innovative and would like to wish you all the best with the Empowerment for Life Program.

Lucy – Sydney, Australia – A parent who attended an Information Evening for Parents

Diane is positive, passionate and a strong believer in Kids are Leaders. She is an excellent communicator as she has built positive relationships with a wide demographic of people over the years.

Amy. V – Sydney, Australia – Early Childhood Educator

Having known Diane for over a decade both professionally and personally, I have always been impressed with her can do attitude and unwavering commitment to life long learning. This is combined with a genuine desire to assist, mentor and educate children to learn skills essential for their own successful development and learning.

Martynne. E  – Wollongong, Australia

Diane mentored our son a few years back. Over the course of a few months I noticed a huge improvement in his understanding and his ability to problem solve independently. Diane had a way of simplifying and breaking down things to a level that made sense to my son. She was always punctual and very friendly. I would have no hesitation in recommending Diane as a mentor when it comes to dealing with children. We were 110% HAPPY!

Neda – Sydney, Australia – Parent

Diane has a very keen eye for detail and presents herself in a very professional manner. Students enjoy her friendly, caring and approachable personality which carries over into her teaching. Diane has empathy and patience. Her students appreciate her attentive company and feel safe in her care. She always aims to build a great rapport with her students who in return are always well behaved, engaged, proactive and motivated learners.

Michelle – Sydney, Australia – Primary School Educator

Well done Diane!!! I LOVE your passion! I can highly recommend Diane and her mentoring programs for kids and parents to every parent and their children!

Orsi. P – Sydney, Australia – Entrepreneur

Diane was a wonderful mentor for our 10 year old. She was always fun, friendly and reliable. Diane made the extra hours of life skills learning something that our daughter actually enjoyed and looked forward to.

Manuella – Sydney, Australia – Parent

Diane is a passionate 21st century educator through and through! She is always looking for new and innovative ideas to better her own teaching and enrich the learning of her students. In the time I’ve known Diane the words I would use to best describe her as an educator are:  passionate, proactive, organised, reliable, honest, kind, caring, flexible, professional, positive mindset, helpful, effective, approachable, resilient, strong communicator, team player, excellent people skills, emotionally intelligent, win-win thinker, problem solver, great role model and leader, lover of change and empathetic.

Susan  – Sydney, Australia – Primary School Educator

In the time that I have known Diane she always presents herself in a professional manner. She has empathy, patience and goodwill. Students enjoy her company and therefore learn a great deal from her.

Silvana – Sydney, Australia – Primary School Educator

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