Empowering Online Life Coaching for Kids

Empowering Life Coaching Programs for 5-12 year old kids.

What are the benefits of your life coaching programs for kids?

Our real time life coaching programs allow us to professionally work with kids to set SMART GOALS as we equip them with the tools, life skills, resources, growth mindset and strategies required to confidently achieve their goals as empowered, responsible citizens.

We can help with authentic 1 to 1 life coaching programs tailored to meet your child’s individual areas of need.

Is your child experiencing any or a combination of the following?

lack of confidence, self-doubt, low self-esteem, shyness, feelings of unworthiness, peer pressure issues, being bullied, bullying others, disrespectful behaviour, lying, cheating, being irresponsible, lacking self-respect, victim mindset, fear, nervousness, sad feelings, anxiety, bursts of anger, life’s not fair mentality, moodiness, negativity, displays of a bad attitude, experiencing bad luck, lack of direction in life, not achieving his or her goals, not coping when experiencing change, feelings of shame and embarrassment, experiencing disappointment and failure, making mistakes, fixed mindset, unable to bounce back after a setback and materialistic thinking.

Our programs are delivered by Certified Life Coaches for Kids and NLP Practitioners.

Please note our programs are life coaching based programs and do not include any form of therapy or clinical counselling sessions.

Book your FREE consultation to discuss how our life coaching programs can benefit your child’s needs: kidsareleaders@icloud.com