“Gratitude is the best attitude!”

That’s why we designed the Kids are Leaders Gratitude Journal. ©

A sense of gratitude can benefit children in a variety of ways.

10 benefits of gratitude according to Dr. Robert Emmons, the world’s leading scientific expert on gratitude.

He conducted studies involving gratitude journals and found that when people regularly engage in gratitude, they experience the following measurable psychological, physical, and interpersonal benefits:

• feel better about their lives overall

• experience higher levels of positive emotions like optimism, enthusiasm, love, and happiness

• are kinder and more generous to others

• have fewer physical problems including pain

• exercise more regularly and eat healthier

• sleep better

• visit the doctor more regularly for check-ups

• feel less stressed

• able to cope with stress more effectively and recover more quickly from stressful situations

• live longer–on average, being thankful adds 7 years to our lives!

A child who is grateful learns not to spend their time on comparing him or herself with others and feeling envious.

Instead children learn to be grateful for all the people and things they have in their life during each present moment.

This results in a happy and joyful life.

Gratitude Journal Features:

• A4 size

• Educational insights about Gratitude

• 365 Days of Gratitude Journaling

• Daily Random Acts of Kindness

• Daily Affirmations

• Personal Weekly Reflections

• Weekly Gratitude Collages

• Thankful Cards

• Gratitude Games

• Loads of colourful FUN!

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