We are passionate about creating win-win partnerships with like-minded businesses and teams with a strong vision!

We would LOVE to collaborate with businesses that are: 

  • creative
  • innovative
  • ethical
  • dynamic
  • empowering
  • inspirational
  • passionate about change
  • passionate about making a positive difference
  • accountable
  • successful
  • grateful
  • authentic
  • honest
  • empathetic
  • engaging
  • educational
  • passionate about helping their clients achieve success

Your products, your brand and the distribution of your business will need to be aligned with one of the following:

  • professional parents with primary school aged kids
  • entrepreneurial parents with 5-12 year old kids
  • corporate sector employees with primary school aged kids
  • professional mums
  • child and mother groups
  • child and father groups
  • community groups for families with 5-12 year old kids
  • before and after school care organisations
  • child and family friendly cafes

Please forward all expression of interest via: