“To empower innovative lifelong learners, ethical global citizens and thriving young leaders in a changing 21st century world.”

About the Founder


65% of grade school kids will be employed to do occupations in the future that don’t exist today – United States Department of Labor, Futurework – Trends and Challenges for Work in the 21st Century.



  • Memorizing Information to Real Life Experiences & Opportunities where kids are involved in applying their critical thinking, creativity and problem solving skills while working in teams and communicating effectively with others in Australia and around the world about real life issues.
  • Working with Data – only numbers and words to Working with Data incorporated into problem based experiences for discovery, solutions and strategic thinking in a real world context.
  • Pen, Paper and Standardised Testing Only to Assessing Learners in the Real World where kids are immersed in working to learn vital life skills and develop habits for success with outcome based thinking achieved with realistic goal setting.
  • One Size Fits All Content – identical opportunities for everyone regardless of skill or ability to Tailored Content that caters by differentiation for the different skills, abilities, interests, experiences and learning styles of every unique individual.
  • Inside Learning using 21st century life skills for learning indoors only to Lifelong Learning that encourages and inspires the use of 21st century life skills – teamwork, critical thinking and problem solving in the outside world for the rest of ones life. For example with their families, with friends, in employment or in their own businesses in the future.

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